Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Fake study program for Israelis in Michigan charged with defrauding U.S. government of $40 million

ed note--invariably (and some might even say inevitably) there will be that giant rushing sound as defenders of Judaism beat a path to the nearest soapbox to try and differentiate (confuse) any honest examination of the issue by making the fallacious and overused claim that 'true Judaism' prohibits such business on the grounds that the 10 Commandments clearly state 'thou shalt not steal'.As events today prove (and as they have proven now for thousands of years ever since this perverse cult ideology first made its ugly face present in human affairs) nothing could be further from the truth. Theft, graft, corruption, embezzlement, fraud, money-for-nothin-and-your-checks-for-free schemes have been part and parcel of this groups' calling card ever since the days of Abraham and Sarah and the biblical tales of them lying to Pharaoh in order to get their digs into his court and abscond off with Egyptian loot before they vagabonded their way back into Gerar where they then attempted to repeat the very same process of identity fraud there.Just as a leopard does not change its spots, the 'morality' of Judaism does not/has not changed either, and just as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, fish swim, birds fly, and Jooz lie.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

McConnell and Schumer set for showdown on Trump's impeachment trial

Senate Republicans are preparing to steamroll Democrats on the rules to govern the trial.

How They Do It-- 'Why Congress Must Keep Investigating Trump After the Impeachment Trial'

Uncovering the facts about Ukraine won’t happen in a Senate predetermined to acquit the president.

How They Do It-- Recent Poll Says Most Americans want Trump removed from office by Senate

ed note--please factor into this (and particularly those out there claiming some degree of eks-purt-cy when it comes to modern-day Judeo-centric American politics) that if indeed, as the axiom goes, that Israel 'controls Congress' and 'controls the media' that NONE of this would be taking place right now if Israel didn't want it to.

Yes, definitely a 'no brainer' but unfortunately one that needs to be explained in the most remedial and elementary way these days to those claiming that Trump is the 'favored son' of Judea because of his 'Jewish daughter' and 'Jewish son-in-law'.

The team behind Trump's 'Deal of the Century' heading to Israel

Team still considering whether to release the plan before Israel's election in March

ed note--please take a good look at the pic above. It is the emblem of the State of Israel showing the Menorah, and SPECIFICALLY that Menorah said within Judaic religious lore to have been lit after Judaic terrorists calling themselves the Maccabees initiated their own particular brand of 'conversion by the sword' jihad during the time of Greek presence in the Levant, first by mass-murdering fellow Jews who were friendly towards the Greeks and then by attempting to drive any and all Greek (western) influence out of the region.

The importance of the Jewish state in choosing the Maccabee-Menorah as its national symbol is important for several reasons--

1. Because the founders of the Jewish state (as well as those running its affairs today) considered their struggle over the last 100+ years of driving out 'the other' from the region and re-creating that theocracy destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD to be a re-creation of what they believe their terrorist Maccabee forefathers did in milleniae past.

This is important for several reasons, the first being that NO ONE should believe for a micro-moment that Israel is in any shape, manner or form a 'western style democracy' as it is billed as being. The very notion of a 'democratic' (Greco-Roman) Jewish state is anathema to the teachings and precepts of Judaism as specifically laid out within the pages of both the Torah and it's 'new and improved' version, the Talmud, to say nothing of Judaism's incessant war against Hellenism and Romanism since each made their presence known in the Middle East thousands of years ago. Israel playing the seductress by making noises about being a 'Western ally' in the Arab/Muslim Middle East is merely a ruse aimed at pandering to the West in order to garner (pilfer) more money, political support and parasitic access to the economic machinery of the West. Rest assured that as soon as the tic has had its fill however, the world (what remains of it) will see the tic climb off the back of the dead dog in search of a new host.

Now, glancing again at the image above, please note those two blue lines to the right and left of the Maccabee-Menorah. While they are said to represent olive leaves and Israel's 'yearning for peace', they also bear a striking resemblance to the 2 blue lines found in the Israeli flag--

--which represent the 2 rivers, Nile and Euphrates, which the Torah specifically outlines as the 'borders' of the Jewish state, to wit--

'On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the Wadi (river) of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates'—Genesis 15:18-21

'Every place where you set your foot will be yours: Your territory shall extend from the Arabian desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea...'--Deuteronomy 11:24

...As well as many, many other 'prophecies' and 'commandments' indicating that the Jewish state was not/is not/never will be limited in intention to be merely some tiny sliver of real estate as it exists today, but rather a SPRAWLING landmass encompassing not only historic Palestine, but as well, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Northern Saudi Arabia, and part of Turkey.

And therefore, anyone, and ESPECIALLY a 'Greco Roman' leader such as DJT, POTUS pushing forth any 'peace deal' that aims to contain the boundaries of the Jewish state to anything less than those boundaries mandated by both the mind and mouth of 'Yahweh' as explicitly laid out within the pages of the Torah are, to put it in legal terms, 'null and void'.

This is one of the primary reasons--albeit never mentioned explicitly within the millions of words being used as Molotov cocktails in attempting to burn down the Trump White House--for the entire 'impeachment' process--Trump's insistence upon containing Israel within her present boundaries and forbidding her from gobbling up as much as a micro-hectare of any additional real estate and thus further embroiling the United States in more and more wars of Israel's making. 

Donald Trump Jr. says when he met Lev Parnas he thought he was 'Israeli'

ed note--once again, for all those who doggedly refuse to see the Israeli angle to all the present Impeachment business involving DJT, POTUS and who refuse to believe even in their own rhetoric concerning Congress being Zionist-Occupied Territory.

Dershowitz: Trump impeachment acquittal would ‘make me unhappy as an individual’

Although he will defend US president during Senate trial, former Harvard professor says he won’t vote Trump in November

ed note--jes' a lil' reality check for those who allowed themselves to get 'caught up in the moment' when the news hit that Dersh was part of Trump's legal team and who used this as PF evidence that indeed Trump was the 'favored son of Judea'.

That Dersh is dirty is beyond dispute. Simply on the basis of him being so closely associated with Jeffry Epstein--for all intents and purposes a high-level Mossad operative tasked with overseeing various blackmail ops against powerful people for Israel's benefit--this alone indicates the Dersh is no ordinary lawyer. He was Epstein's 'fixer' who--utilizing the vast network of Deep State assets Israel has built up in the US over the decades--made sure that the long arm of US intelligence/Federal Law Enforcement never touched him and that Israel's blackmail ops continued unmolested, no pun intended. 

Furthermore, that US Intelligence and LEOs knew Dersh's role--both as a lawyer/fixer (as well as a purportedly 'loyal patron' of Epstein's services) meant that any operation aimed at 'draining the swamp' required the co-opting of Dershowitz in a very public manner so that those gunning for Trump's removal would know that he and his team have 'the goods' on them and from no less an authoritative source than 'the fixer' himself.

We are forced to point this out due to the fact that--just as it has been from the very beginning where some maneuver on Trump's part has been immediately greeted with a wall of screeching from that gaggle of eks-purts who invariably read into it that Trump was just like his predecessors who were ready, willing, & abe to bend over and take it in the most humiliating way from Judea, Inc that it is not always as simple as simpletons make it out to be and that sometimes, yes, even American politicians, do push back against La Kosher Nostra.

Fake study program for Israelis in Michigan charged with defrauding U.S. government of $40 million

ed note--invariably (and some might even say inevitably) there will be that giant rushing sound as defenders of Judaism beat a path to the ...